Tuesday, April 2, 2013

We're MIXING it up with our NEW PAINTABLE product!

So, what do you think of our new product line?
Did you see it?
Here's our POST LAUNCH if you missed it!

Let's talk Mixed Media and get a little messy with our NEW Paintables.

How about a little tutorial?
One of my favorite art journaling techniques is

The NEW Paintables are perfect for this technique.
Check it out!
You can click on the tutorial pics to make them BIGGER!

Get your Art Journal out and get ready to CREATE!
Using Gel Matte Medium, you can TRANSFER the Paintable print out right into your journal.

The Gel Matte Medium helps to transfer the printed image right into your journal. This step takes time. Pulling the paper bits off takes a little patience. I tend to leave a lot on. It gives the page added texture.
Once completely dry, draw something on top. I used the BIG daisy as the focal point to draw into the girl's hair. I just built the face and shoulders around her and let the hair flow naturally.
Final Page of Happiness ...
To cover up areas of the daisy I didn't want to see, I just painted Gesso around her face. If you look closely, some of the daisies still appear on her skin. I liked the effect, so I left it. I repeated the transfer again on the left hand sized and sanded it a bit for more rough texture. Check out all the flowers from the Perfectly Planted set and Thoughts and Smiles set. See the gate at the bottom of the page and the label image from Perfectly Planted on the right. Happy. Happy. Happy. Page.
NEW Digital Paintables!
Print. Paint. Create!
Colorful Possibilities Await!
Stay tuned tomorrow for 
and here fabulous projects using
Perfectly Planted
Check it!



DIANA L. said...

Beautiful. Great technique.


Jean Bullock said...

Great tutorial. Well done!
thank you.