Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Peek-A-Boo Fall With Pinky!

Good morning friends, 
SO...clearly you have already fallen hard for this new 
"Nuts About You" stamp set from Avocado Arts... I mean it
can't be helped...but have you thought about the versatility
of this set?? From Halloween to FALL it's all there!

I decided to create this FALL banner on 4X6 acrylic pieces and use little "Chuck"
 (yes I have named him Chuck in my head of course) to add some whimsy. 
I can even see this being a great set for your camping scrapbook pages!

And of course you can just go crazy like I did with the leaves. 
Amazing texture when you look up close and use different inks!!

And I adore this little stump too. 
You know it's always those little touches that grab me with Avocado Arts
stamps. The heart in the stump, the FALL in cursive, Chuck's glasses. 
Each stamp is detailed to the finest point, which makes it amazingly fun!


~amy~ said...

awesome projects Pinky!!

Dottie =) said...

Cute!! Chuck is adorable peeking out :)

Mistylynn said...

What a cute set! The banner is perfect.

Brenda Lee said...

Love the fall goodies....especially the banner!