Saturday, July 30, 2011

NEW MONTH. NEW RELEASE. NEW Projects from the Pit Crew!

It's the 30th of the Month 
and that means...
Another fabulous project share from the 
Pit CrewToday, they are sharing a project using the AUGUST KIT Zip-N-by to Say Hi!

Check out what the fabulous inspiration from the Pit Crew

Don't forget to stop back on August 1st
for another project from the Pit Crew.

I just couldn't end the post without a little bit of inspiration to share with you from me using the new August set. What's your favorite image?
How fun is this little car! Check out the luggage on top and the puffy smoke at the back end of the car. The license plate image makes the perfect interactive embellishment. Simple. Clean. Easy to stamp and so super cute. The sentiments in the set fit perfectly in the license plate. And... so will FUTURE sentiments.  -Lisa


P said...

This set is a great addition to your previous stamps- just too cute! And oh-so-many possibilities whirling in my head... heading for the mailbox to see if my set is here yet- gotta get inky! Or wait, should I look at the DT cards first- ahhhh, such delicious indecision!

Alice said...

Thank you for making the world map, that is my favorite so far. It will be interesting to see how others use all of the set's images together; I think there are some surprises coming.

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

OHH! I just love that world--and the airplane! SOOOOOO cute! I am def. going to have to get this set. And I need to ink up my other set tomorrow! I have an idea for a card--can't wait!