Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Today is AUGUST Reveal Day!

It's the 20th of the month...and that means REVEAL DAY!
Presenting August 2011: ZipnBy to Say Hi set. Subscribe NOW!
This set includes 17 images and 8 sentiments, 25 stamps total. 
Are you ready for a little inspiration/How the Avocado Arts design process works?
When I'm working on illustrating the sets for Avocado Arts, I spend a lot of time developing how the elements in the set will work together and how they will coordinate with future sets. Each set has elements that can work with the next, so not only are you purchasing a monthly set, you're purchasing a collection of images that are versatile and building on each other. I work on sets together in three to four month increments, so I can see how each image will work together over the coming months. All of the Avocado Arts sets through this DECEMBER are COMPLETE and WE CAN'T WAIT to share them with you. Especially through the upcoming holiday season!

While designing, I work each element together in black and white first, test image proportions with each other and then layer them together on a black and white "virtual" card space. If the design works in black and white, then I know for sure it will be a solid approach for stamping in multiple colors, paper piecing and/or coloring with a favorite medium. And because our sets are CLEAR, I make sure each element is in proportion to the next for perfect, easy stamping. Here are some examples of the process when I worked through the August Set. 
The globe image comes with the continents as a separate piece making it easy to use the elements as a globe or as the hot air balloon.
The paper airplane image wraps perfectly around the globe. There are bits and baubles in this set to create more visual interest, too.
There are six images in this example. The "road/line" background builder makes a perfect foundation for the car, or journaling. Look at the little puffs of smoke coming out of the car.
Did you see the fire element and the hot air balloon basket in the set? It's perfect for nesting right underneath the globe image to turn it into a hot air balloon. Versatility. One image (the globe) can become two.
This is my personal favorite. The license plate image is a separate element so that you can fit any/many of the words from all of our sets and FUTURE sets inside. I just love how the car is dragging it behind. Fun!
Again, layering all the different elements together to create a different look. The interstate road sign is a perfect match with the sentiments in this set and FUTURE sets.
Enjoy! -Lisa


steph said...

LOVE this new set! So versatile and creative!

Joan V said...

Love it!!!!

Kelli said...

OK are you a SMARTIE PANTS or WHAT???!!!! I LOVE this new set and on my way to CLICK AND SHIP! LOL

AJ said...

she is a genius! this is one of my fave sets so far! ;)

Lacey said...

Wow this is fantastic!! I love all the ideas you can do with this set!

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

OHHHHH! This is sooooo fabulous! I LOVE it!! I get paid after next week--totally putting this in the shopping cart:) LOVE LOVE LOVE!