Saturday, October 6, 2012

Durkey the Naked Turkey is BACK and He's Gone 3-D!

Would you like to make this?
You're very own 3-D  
Durkey the Naked Turkey! 
Durkey the Naked Turkey formerly known as Dorky the Naked Turkey. But, not to be confused with his cousin, Geeky the Naked Turkey :)
If you're an Avocado Arts Club Member, he's all yours. Available to you in an .svg, .jpg and .pdf file format, complete with the tutorial shown below. You can cut him on your favorite digital die cutting machine, or use the .pdf file and print him out on your favorite patterned paper. 
 Your choice, FREE!
Just email Lisa at
and we'll send out the link to 
download the FREE files 
within 24-48 hours.
   If you're not a member YET, you can still get the digital die cut files and give 
 Durkey the Naked Turkey 
a new home.

Here's how:
Join the Club TODAY! Go HERE to JOIN! Once you're all set up, we'll send the files FREE with your club purchase.
Pay full price later this month when we make it available for sale. The stamps are NOT included and believe me you're going to want the stamps. Just sayin' :)

Club membership has a 
Check them out HERE.

Here's a little tutorial 
on how to make 
Durkey the Naked Turkey at home! 
Open and import the .svg file into your digital die cut machine software. The images have already been colorized for you to make it easy to identify them. Images shown have been opened using the Designer Edition Software on the Silhouette.

Prepare the image file to be cut in accordance with your digital die cut machine software. The example shown uses the Designer Edition Software on the Silhouette. In this software, you would need to highlight the images, open the "cut style" window" and click on "cut." This tells the machine to cut the image.

Line-up and adhere your paper to the mat for your machine. In the example shown, I have aligned all of the colored card stock at once on the mat using the grid lines that are provided on the Silhouette mat and screen. This allows me to cut every image in the exact color I want in one pass.

Watch it cut. Super fast. Durkey the Turkey is coming to LIFE!

Images cut perfectly. This card kit is sized to fit nicely inside an A-2 standard sized envelope. Don't forget to cut the RED tail feathers twice.

Using the Gobble Until You Wobble stamp set, add the tag, sentiments, leaf and feather images to the cardstock. Cut out the tag. Build Durkey the Naked Turkey and instantly you have a 3-D card that is super cute and ready to give!
Stay tuned tomorrow!
It's all NEW with the PIT CREW TOO!
More fabulous project designs using Gobble Until You Wobble!



Savannah O'Gwynn said...

SOOOOOOO awesome!! I LOVE this turkey!!! CLEVEr!!!

Andrea said...

he is VERY cute!