Friday, October 5, 2012

What inspired Gobble Until You Wobble? A Challenge and a Give-Away! SAY WHAT?

Do you want to know what inspired the creation 
of this guy?

I call him  
Durkey the Naked Turkey.
Which in my head 
is a geeky turkey. 
I know it's silly, right?

Well, his creation into an illustrated character for the October stamp set was inspired by this carving I own.
This man I married :)
Pictured here in full VBS regalia. NOTE the glasses, tee hee! Never short of wanting to get in costume for all the kids, this man knows how to have fun!
Say WHAT? 
One might ask how does she get from this, to this, to this!

That's how inspiration works. You get crazy fun ideas from everything around you.
And then...creatista's like yourself create projects like this with our stamp sets.
So here's the CHALLENGE. Go. Create something stinkin' cute with Durkey the Naked Turkey!
Post it on our Facebook Page by October 12th, we'll pick a winner and send along a FREE stamp set mini for FUN!

Stay tuned tomorrow for more adventures with Durkey the Naked Turkey! And a Club Member FREEBIE.


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Savannah O'Gwynn said...

SOOOOO cute! I love that you were inspired by your husband and that carving!!! LOVE the DT creations!! <3