Sunday, September 15, 2013

Blown Away...Again!

Hi Avocado Arts friends! I am so happy to be sharing my projects with you today.
I just adore how versatile this "Stuck On You" stamp set is. 

It can easily transition from summer to fall and beyond with a change of the papers!
 My first card was a big hit with my little 4 year old helper who said 
"You can blow those they will move!" which was precious. 

Can't you see these wonderful stamps being used in all
sorts of artsy projects? I sure can!

My next card I wanted to utilize the Washi Tape feel and I do love me some Washi Tape!
So I stamped in bronze, copper, and gold on the same paper to add a pop. 

 And on this last card I inked the bike frame first in chrome, then added the tires.
I love how it gradually fades, I felt like going outside- I would have if it had not been 100!

Every time I saw "I LOVE THIS SET" and every time it is 
100% true- from the first stamp to the last I love them all!
I hope you enjoyed my projects today- I know I really loved creating them. 
Until next time- Keep on creating!!!!


Connie Mercer said...

super cute!!! yes it is a very cool set!!!

Dottie =) said...

Very cute!!

Ashley M said...

Such fun and inspiring cards!

~amy~ said...

Very fun...awesome colors!

Kelly Sas said...

And I remember when you weren't a stamper!!! Now you do that too better than anyone! You are so amazingly talented at creativity.

Dot said...

Such fun!! Love the cards!!

Pinkie set me over from her blog!