Sunday, June 15, 2014

Life's A Beach + Tutorial With Pinky!

Hey everyone, Pinky here again with a few projects using "Life's A Beach"
with a step by step photo tutorial included.

I love making acrylic cards and using stamps, so I thought I would 
make 2 acrylic cards with the same techniques so you
could follow along and make your own if you wanted. 
This is the original card I fell in love with and here is the techniques I used
to create it, the actual card in this tutorial is below. 
When I made an acrylic card usually I start with a precut-folded card and I cut the front 
off leaving about 1.5" at the top. 
Punch the top with a border punch. 
 Ink all along the edges (for dramatic water effect). 
Trim acrylic to fit into card. (whatever size card is). 
Stamp sentiment on top using "Life's A Beach" stamp set from AA.
Stamp "sand" from "Life's A Beach" stamp set which I am using as water
onto light green card stock. Ink well with blue ink. 
Run through sticker machine. 
Press onto outside of acrylic piece. 
Trim out corrugated paper (blue) to be behind green and blue waves. 
Underneath acrylic place wet adhesive. 
Press onto corrugates waves and trim off excess. 
Adhere crystals to the front of the card.

Stamp sailboat onto colored card stocks and patterned papers
to create different patterned boat. Adhere pieces.  
Adhere boat to front of card. 
Using wet adhesive or tape strip- adhere top of card to acrylic piece. 
And there you have it!

Now pardon my smear- after everything was said and done I stuck my 
finger into ink and right on the sentiment! It figures. :)
Isn't this the best little stamp set ever??!
I love it. 
On the front of this card I used glass effects for the dots. 
 After all that I decided to make a regular card too. 
I loved those tiny shells and wanted to have fun with it, so I 
stitched a ribbon to the inside at the top. 
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be making acrylic cards before you know it. 


Sunshine Creations and Crafts said...

Wow! Do you think acetate would work? <3Kimberly

Annette Allen said...

So awesome.. clever designing.. great projects..