Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Happy Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's today -well every day is Mother's Day is what I tell my boys. I am feeling very blessed as I have THE most amazing mom. Our year started out with my dad being in the hospital for almost a month, after slipping on some Minnesota ice and breaking his elbow. Unfortunately, my mom repeated the very same thing and ended up breaking her shoulder, fracturing her back and breaking her wrist in 2 places. It made me realize that life is very fragile and I am so very fortunate to have both of my parents. My mom is one of the most giving, hard working, loving, beautiful inside and out-human being that I know. She offers unconditional love every single day!! She is my friend, my cheer leader, my biggest supporter, a listener, the best grandma to my boys and MY MOM. I love you to the moon and back Mom! Your Grandsons LOVE you and feel SO LUCKY to have YOU as their Grandma!! Looking forward to seeing you and spending the day with you today!

I am also celebrating Mother's Day as the Mom of these two incredible young men. They are now taller than me but as they grow, they continue to give the best hugs! They have been through a lot but their strength shines brightly. So BLESSED to be your mom Kirk and Nate!! LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!

Happy MOTHER'S DAY everyone!!!!


cghundley said...

Sending Happy Mother's
Day wishes to all!
Carla from Utah

Sunshine Creations and Crafts said...

It sounds like you've all been going through a lot. I hope the healing process is finally coming to an end. <3kim